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It's Great to be a CHCA Eagle!



It's Great to be a CHCA Eagle!


It's Great to be a CHCA Eagle!

Team News.

Team News

7 months ago @ 4:16PM

Chipotle Fundraiser, 9/10/19, 5-9pm

Make dinner a selfless act by joining us for a fundraiser to support CHCA HS Girls Soccer. Come in to the Chipotle at 9540 Mason Montgomery Rd, Ste A, in Mason on Tuesday, September 10th, between 5:00-9:00pm.

Bring this flyer, show it on your smartphone or tell the cashier you're supporting the cause to make sure that 33% of the proceeds will be donated to CHCA HS GIrls Soccer.

Thanks for your support.

Team News

10 months ago @ 1:02PM

Registration for 2019-20

Registration for this sport is open for Grades 9-12.

Click Here for information on the complete registration process and important dates for your sport.

Athletic fees per school year: $225 first sport fee. 

Team News

11 months ago @ 2:23PM

Summer Training

we will be doing on 8/1, 8/2 & 8/4 & 8/8.   These are tests to measure each players readiness for the season.   We have targets for each test.   Players results from these tests will impact their play & starting ability in the preseason scrimmages.   As an incentive for passing these tests-- any player that gets 3 of the following results-- they will earn a tshirt.  (desgn -tbd)--So the will need to get 3 of the 4 here: 10- 120s, 10- shuttles, 15.6 beep test, 40 juggles.  

  1. Juggling Challenge   -- 40 juggles--preferably feet only but I will take any touch.  This may seem like a lot but if you dedicate 10 mins only per day I PROMISE you can hit 40.   We have a since graduated player that her first year she got less than 10 and her next year she got 93 feet only just by working on it religiously.   This is important for touch and comfort with the ball.   There are many youtube videos with tips & tricks.   I promise with practice each player can get this done.   A coach once told me -- You will never see a good juggler with bad touch on the ball....and its true.  
  2. 120s--this is a set of 10 runs of 120 yards (full football field)   The target is to make all 10.   You need to make it down in 22 seconds down and back to the start line in 35 seconds.   35 second rest between with extra 15 seconds after #s 4 & 7 -- I will try to get a baseline test number early in the summer at one of the open fields.   We will then base the Pass rate on improvement over the average baseline if the average pass rate when I do the baseline is 7, then each player will be expected to beat 7 or if they scored more their own baseline number.  
  3. Shuttles--Target is to make all 10-- same baseline improvement philosophy as 120s. 

    1. 5-10-15-20-25
    2. 10 repetitions
    3. 40 seconds to complete
    4. 30 second rest between
    5. extra 15 seconds after #3 & 6
  4. Yoyo Intermittent Beep Test--(NEW)--Target it is to hit at least level 15.6-- see chart below.   Here are the details for the beep test. I do not recommend having the testing day be the first day you do this or you will not do well.   You need to know what you are doing on this one. and understand the test.   I recently worked with a player that is going to play in college and the first time she did this she went in blind and didn't do very well.   The second time after she knew what to expect was much better.   (BTW her target is 17.5)  I will be at most open fields and will administer the test to anyone that wants to try it.   The key on this one is to see improvement too.   This is a big one that colleges use. 

Team News

11 months ago @ 2:39PM

Summer Training Starts 6/3

Summer Training Starts Monday June 3rd.  

Summer training schedule can be found here

Starting the week of June 3rd:

Week of 7/22--Coaching days & Training begins, exact schedule TBD but that is my busy time at work so sessions will be in early AM and/or PM

Week of 8/1--Official start of the Fall season.
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