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It's Great to be a CHCA Eagle!



It's Great to be a CHCA Eagle!


It's Great to be a CHCA Eagle!

Hall of Excellence

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy presents:
Athletics Hall of Excellence

The purpose of the CHCA Athletic Hall of Excellence is to recognize those that have been blessed by God with extraordinary talent, skill, determination, and commitment and have utilized those gifts through athletics at CHCA while accomplishing distinction as an athlete, coach, administrator, or as a contributor to the development and success of the CHCA athletic program.  

Nominations are collected online each spring (April/May). The Induction Ceremony is held in late August. Or you can scan this QR Code to go directly to the survey.

All current members and a guest are invited to attend. Email will come from
To update contact info, email CHCA Alumni Coordinator,


Year of Induction: (click year link to view event pictures)

Class of 2019

Nancy Bowden Young (’00): Women’s Basketball

David Curtin (’09): Men’s Track & Field, Cross Country and Soccer

Mr. Rolando Collado: Eagle Award, CHCA Contributor 2000-2010

Class of 2018

Kelsie Eberly Hunter (’06): Women’s Swimming, Track & Field, Cross Country

Ryan Shidler (’07): Men’s Tennis

Mr. Jack Bailey: Eagle Award, Teacher 1993-2006, Coach 1993-2009


Class of 2017

Holly Dahmus (’12): Women’s Tennis

Dominique Baxter (’12): Women’s Tennis

Mrs. Lynn Nabors-McNally: Eagle Award, Tennis Coach 1995-2015


Class of 2016

Mr. Evan Andrews: Eagle Award, Athletic Contributor

Courtney Kust (’09): Women’s Basketball


Class of 2015

Kaci Kust (‘08): Women’s Basketball

Andrew Wallace (’10): Track and Field

Mr. Cliff Hern: Eagle Award, Athletic Director 2002-2008


Class of 2014

Whitney Dubbs (‘05): Women’s Basketball

Michael Chacksfield (’07): Football


Class of 2013

Stephen Havens (’07): Men’s Tennis

Nick Williams (‘08): Men’s Soccer, Track & Field

Ryan Huxtable (’04): Football


Class of 2012

Jill Ducro (‘06): Women’s Tennis

Doug Browne (’07): Football, Baseball

Ryan Collado (’07): Football, Track & Field


Class of 2011

Kevin Nead (‘04): Men’s Swimming

Kasey Carpenter (’06): Women’s Swimming


Class of 2010

Robbie Wilson (‘04): Football

Abbe Peters (’04): Women’s Soccer, Women’s Basketball


Inaugural Class of 2009

Mr. Robert Gardner: Eagle Award, Athletic Director 1994-2000

Dr. Mark Snyder: Eagle Award, Team Physician

Mr. Ronald Bell: Eagle Award, Booster President

Amanda Holbrook (’98): Women’s Basketball

Ryan Betscher (’00): Football

Audra Falk (’01): Women’s Tennis



Student Athletes

  • Athletes will be selected based on their athletic accomplishments during their high school career at CHCA.
  • Students will not be considered until five (5) years after they graduate from CHCA.
  • Each nominee will be considered based on All-Conference, All-District, All-City, and All-State selections.  The committee will also take into account any individual that receives Player of the Year or is part of a State Championship. 
  • The student’s character will also be considered in the evaluation and a character endorsement will be necessary from an administrator, athletic director, and/or coach.

Retired Coaches

  • Coaches are not eligible for the Hall of Fame during their coaching career.
  • Coaches will be evaluated based on their contributions to their sport while at CHCA including Division Championships, Sectional Championships, and State Championships.  The committee will also take into account any Coach of the Year awards the coach receives while at CHCA.
  • The coach’s character will also be considered in the evaluation and a character endorsement will be necessary from an administrator, athletic director, and/or former athlete.

Eagle Award

  • The Eagle Award is presented to special contributors to the athletic program.  This could include but is not limited to former booster, principals, team doctors/physicians, and athletic directors.


With the exception of the inaugural class, there will be no more than 3 inductees per year.  Inductees will be notified no later than July 1st that they have been selected into CHCA’s Athletic Hall of Excellence.
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