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It's Great to be a CHCA Eagle!



It's Great to be a CHCA Eagle!


It's Great to be a CHCA Eagle!

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4 months ago @ 2:57PM

*NEW* Upload your own forms to FINALFORMS

Did you know that YOU can now upload your student's forms
directly into their profile in FINALFORMS?

 That’s right! You can now scan your own student’s forms
(including the OHSAA physical) from wherever you are,
save them and then upload them right to their profile!


How, you ask? 

From the Parent Profile view ’My Students’. Click the file folder icon next to your
student's profile and follow instructions. You will have to save it on
your device so you can upload it.


I uploaded my files. What’s next? 

Once uploaded, an automated email is sent to the Athletic staff notifying us
that there are new forms waiting for approval. We can open and review
the forms for approval. 
Once approved, we can update the student’s profile accordingly.

For OHSAA Physicals, we will update the countdown clock on your
physical forms and you’re good to go! Remember, physicals are good
for 13 months from date of exam in the state of Ohio. 

*We don’t need hard copies as approved electronic copies are sufficient.*

Once all forms are GREEN in your profile you are cleared to participate!


Wait! One more thing!

Don’t assume you are cleared just because you clicked submit.
If there is a problem on any form, we will communicate to get it
fixed as soon as we can, so make sure you check that all your forms are

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