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It's Great to be a CHCA Eagle!



It's Great to be a CHCA Eagle!


It's Great to be a CHCA Eagle!

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7 months ago @ 4:09PM

CHCA Youth Excellence Award (updated monthly)

Introducing the 360 Excellence Award

Are you a 360 Athlete?
A 360 Athlete is a CHCA student-athlete who embraces the 
"Spirit-Mind-Body" pillars
required to be a Champion.

Within our Culture of Champion pillars,
these are the three focus areas for Youth Sports:

Spirit - Respectful; to teammates, coaches & opponents in our actions.

Mind - Teammates; positive attitude at practices/games & encourages others.

Body - Improve Fundamentals; daily commitment to advance skill level.

Who Qualifies?
Student-athletes in Grades 4-6

How do you get nominated?
Our Youth Coaches will nominate based on
student-athlete's efforts to succeed in all three areas.

Once each month, the CHCA Youth Sports Program will honor
1 female and 1 male student-athlete.They honored student-athletes will
receive their award package and be displayed at Founders' Campus.

Contact for more information.


February 2021 Recipients
Morgan Hinman 
- Gr 5 Basketball
Emalyn Ickes - Gr 5 Basketball
Marcus Siegert - Gr 4 Basketball
John Mitchell - Gr 6 Basketball

January 2021 Recipients
Lauren Hayes - Gr 6 Basketball
Ainsley Blair - Gr 5 Basketball

Aidan Meyer - Gr 6 Basketball
Chase Taylor - Gr 4 Basketball

November 2020 Recipients
Abby Cebulskie - Gr 6 Cheer
Noah Holman - Gr 4 Football
Lucas Bauman - Gr 6 Football

October 2020 Recipients
Anna Grace Baumann - Gr 4 Volleyball
Claire Ballish - Gr 5 Volleyball
Zach Murphy - Gr 4 Football
Nolan Lum - Gr 6 Football

September 2020 Recipients
Aniston Southern - Gr 5 Volleyball
Judd Layman - Gr 6 Football

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