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It's Great to be a CHCA Eagle!



It's Great to be a CHCA Eagle!


It's Great to be a CHCA Eagle!

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1 year ago @ 12:08PM

Athletic Picture Instructions (updated by season)

In order expedite the picture day process for each team, every player MUST have a completed form with them. This is very important - see purchase options below.

Teams will have a dedicated time slot which is communicated to the coach prior to picture day.

Purchase Options:
1. Buy your package online
    a. After purchase is completed, print this PDF and write in 6-digit code (not PayPal #).
    b. Bring printed confirmation with you on picture day - hand to photographer.


2. Complete paper order form* & insert payment into envelope on order form. (If you use a printed PDF, put payment in a separate envelope and staple to PDF.)
    a. Bring with you on picture day - hand to photographer.

*See Coach or Athletic Office for paper order form prior to picture day. All athletes are included in team photo. All pictures will be taken at HS Campus. All Varsity players will be photographed on green screen for athletic marketing/social media purposes. Please be professional for this photo.

Spring Team Schedule:

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